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You Found the Official BoOMPieces!

Here is some of the work I have done for clients! Take a look around and imagine the type of BoOMPiece that would fit your style, or the style of someone you care about. If you can dream it, I can make it. (Still working on page)

Art Is Art.jpg

Modern Native

Sleek lines riveted onto silver backing and tucked into the end pieces. Modern art  meets classic Native design.

Mother's Freedom

This is a piece I made for my mother. Turquoise stone set with copper accents and Freedom Feathers.


Maiden Mother Crone

Riveted Moonstone, Silver on silver with curled ridges makes this very unique! You can see this in person at the Working Artist's Gallery at 520 Main St. in Grand Junction, Colorado!


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This concept came to me in a dream. I have this piece in my personal collection because it was so difficult to create, it makes it just as difficult to let go of. If this speaks loudly to you, contact me, I will let it go to a person with the passion it takes to reach out about it.


I made this piece for a special person who has dedicated their life to the empowerment of the human experience and to the betterment of all.



Copper backing with Sterling Silver waves. Unique design and fabrication has the waves holding onto the copper.

Fluorite Sunflower

Fluorite and Sterling silver sunflower design. Solid bale design holds everything where it is solid and fun to wear!


Native Feather Family

This mixed metals with turquoise stone is stunning and beautiful to wear. I just love making custom pieces for my people!


This was custom pendant made for CEO of La Familia Music Group out of Colorado. Mixed metals with rivets! This piece has been in music videos and many promotional media pieces!


Colorado Love

Colorado Bracelets with the beautiful Cimmaron Mountain range from Western Colorado!

Colorado Love!

Vedauwoo Mountain

This striking piece was made for a client who enjoys time rock climbing on this majestic mountain near Laramie Wyoming.


Bad BoOM Ring

This ring is made with the coolest piece of turquoise with awesome elegant lines and a bossy thick bezel. Just beautiful!

Fusion Illusion

Fusion of the abstract pieces is what surrounds this beautiful turquoise stone, inlayed into a thick serrated bezel.


Sonoran Sunrise 

This pendant was made with Sonoran Sunrise stone and inlayed with dynamic feathers that add dimension and pop. All of BoOM's designs are original and come from his heart and imagination. He is a true left handed-bandit... a rebel!

Big Boss Cuff

This is a bossy piece that is a definate eye catcher with it's mesmerizing lines, thick bezel, and unique turquoise stone with bright blue and black matrix. The riveted face plate gives this piece an interesting mechanical embossed look.


Dimension of the Mind

This ring was created out of an idea that came in a Dream. The concept was to create a multidimensional juxtaposition of blocky layers with elegant lines. Just a beautiful ring!

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